Monday, 23 December 2013

[13.12.22] Märchen Fantasy Song Covers Best Fancams

SNSD's Märchen Fantasy is exactly what the name suggests. It is everyone's deepest fantasies of SNSD made real, marching through the fandom slaying everyone that lays eyes on them, leaving nothing but one hot mess of hormones flooding in its wake. Holding off for a day, I trudged through the Internet and found the best available fancams for each of the special song covers and consolidated them for posterity.

Seriously Hyoyeon, I really don't think removing solos from concerts are a good idea at all.

My Grown Up Christmas List by Kid Taeng

Miss Korea by Queen Sica. First video for butt, second video for full frontal

Bloom by Sunny the Playboy Bunny

A Whole New World by Princess Tiffany

Ma Boy by YulTi

24 Hours by Sooyoung, She Who Stretches Into Infinity. Screen version followed by goddess-in-the-flesh version.

Kiss Me by Seohyun the Witch

Special mentions:

SNSD's debut-era greetings (0:45), Galaxy Supernova (5:08), Love & Girls (8:18)
Warning: The songs's recording is quite horrible to listen to. Be warned. I was quite irritated by it.

And of course, the most memorable event in Soshi history reconstructed by the Queen herself

Friday, 20 December 2013

Lady Galaxy: Shining Smile 3rd Photobook

I'm back! Well technically I never left. When I started this blog, I already expected that given my university schedule, any hiatus is to be expected. I also told myself not to attempt making daily or even weekly posts. It's a hopeless endeavour. So I just post whenever I feel like it. That has worked so far.

Now, Lady Galaxy. Shining Smile is the absolute BEST. The first fansite to reach its third photobook, Lady Galaxy gives us the best that Tiffany has to offer. Hot. Steamy. Sweaty. Hair. Porn.

Do I need to say anything more?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Brillante: TangPa 2nd Photobook

I collected this photobook last week and took the pictures a few days ago, but then school and the concert happened so I got so busy and tired out that I only have time to upload them now. TangPa released an awesome photobook this time. It has a good amount of cuteness to Taeyeon but for the most part there's lots and lots of hairporn. And a TaeGanger can ask for nothing more than that. Glorious Kim Taeyeon.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ccanjuk Photobook

ccanjuk is the last of the photobooks I've yet to open from this past half-year. At least, among the ones I've received lol (there's still one or two Tiffany ones yet to arrive). ccanjuk has a lot of pics from back when Taeyeon had short hair. I also took way more pictures of the photobook than I had intended, even after filtering through and deleting some. There's just too much hairporn lol. Taeyeon's hair is glorious, end of story.

Shining Petals Mini-Photobook

Well, your very own photobook. What more can a shipper ask for?

Flying Petals and Shining Smile released their own photobook earlier, before doing a joint second mass order towards the end of the year, this time with this TaeNy photobook included as a promotional bonus. I already bought both photobooks earlier, so I chose to skip out on this one, but my friend (with whom I'm doing SNSD mass orders in Singapore with) received one extra TaeNy book in the order delivery, so here it is!

Yeah, you never changed, Taeyeon.

Album Link

Halo Photobook

Halo's photobook showed more of Tiffany's cute side, as the selected shots I've snapped will attest. Tiffany is just unbelievably sweet and irresistable. You just can't live without her.

I could have been done with Halo earlier, but I was busy getting my mum to watch Cyrano at the same time lol. Transferring 18GB of files over, then installing Windows Media Player Classic and the necessary codecs...

Anyway, here it is! Tiffany in all her glory. You won't believe how much I love her.

Be Sweet On Photobook: You're the Apple of My Eye

Beautiful, isn't she? That's my babycake.

Tiffany (as well as Taeyeon and Seohyun) is the most beautiful girl in the world. She's not just pretty, sexy, cute or whatever. She's just beautiful. She is so much more to me than any other girl in the world. Her beauty is not just physical, it practically radiates from her heart. And it shows.

Be Sweet On's photobook is, in essence, three things: 1) Surprisingly thick 2) Full of TaeNy 3) Gorgeous. I was quite surprised about the thickness, in fact. It's thicker than some of my university textbooks! Like, wow.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Merong Cotton Candy Photobook

Originally I wanted to clear my photobooks yesterday too, but my mum distracted me and had me watching Triumph to the Skies 2 the whole afternoon, then lighting conditions at night are not conducive for the paper type at all. TttS2 was okay I think. I like all the technical stuff, but the story? I'm okay with it, I guess. TttS 1 was years ago. I was still in my early-mid teenage years back then, so I don't have much of an impression by now. I like when drama mega-projects like these revolve around a more technical theme instead of the love and family infighting so prevalent in Taiwanese and Korean dramas.

And so here I am. I thought I'll be able to clear all the photobooks today, but a single afternoon doesn't seem like enough anyway. My camera is also acting up too. It's about 5 years old now, and its gears have rheumatism lol. I'm not sure, but either the rechargeable batteries are at the end of its shelf life or my camera's power consumption has gone whacked out. Could it be the effect of Korea's winter? I'm not so sure, it was working perfectly fine throughout the trip. Even in those conditions my rechargeable batteries can last twice as long as it can now at the least. Maybe the return to a tropical climate did it in at last. I'm not in such a rush to get a new one though. I don't use cameras much anymore (As if food pics aren't bad enough a habit, I'd be crazy to bring a camera for that). The only important occasions would be major outings during festivities or holidays. I won't need to keep my camera constantly on for outings and the next overseas holiday is a number of years away so...

Now, as for Merong. Merong is one of the major Taeyeon fansites, but I was surprised it had been around at least since Kissing You days. I thought it was newer than that. But it has some nice pics, I've to say. Take a look! This photobook really makes me embarassed to have Taeyeon as a bias sometimes haha

Girls & Peace 2nd Arena Tour Memorial Photobook

So I'm going through the photobooks I've amassed over the year that I've yet to open, and this is one of the official ones from SM. There's the other "Official Photobook" for the 2nd Arena Tour, but that is released to promote the tour (and album). This one is released post-tour and contains actual concert snapshots. Have a look!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Flying Petals 2nd Photobook

So, this afternoon I was packing my table. After returning from Korea back in Dec I've been so busy with school that I haven't had a proper time to go through all the photobooks I had received since. Now that Year 2 of university is officially over and done with (including the Special Terms), I can finally start my long-overdue spazz! So, as you can see, we shall start with Flying Petals! Stayed tuned for more tomorrow!


Hi everyone! After about a year, I'm back to blogging! This time my blog will not just be for voicing my thoughts and the usual, but it'll serve as a practical purpose! I'm going to upload/link album and magazine scans and other picture shoots here for my own (and SONEs') future reference, since I'm certain I'll definitely want to go back and find an old pic one day! I need a way to organise things I hardly download, so there! And I'm writing out a new story which I hope to upload here one day. But yeah, this will be mainly about Soshi huh. As for my own personal life...when I'm not on to my musings, I'm not sure what I'll type here about my own life. I already have Instagram for food pics so...

I still need to figure this blog out though. I want to link my other SNS accounts here too. But until then, later! I need this post to check some display settings.