Monday, 4 August 2014

Phoenix Dawn: Prologue

It is a bright full moon night. The captain patrols the fortress walls ceaselessly, inspecting the sentries and fortifications. Whenever his eyes happen to glance outwards of the fortress, he would always look at the massive gates at the end of the valley, ever wary for the next wave of attackers, ever fearful of what new surprise the enemy has in store for the defenders. The captain continues forward, as he spies the commander standing amidst the sentries on the wall, taking in the cool night air. He stops by the commander’s side and looks out with him towards the gates.

“Can’t sleep, sir?”
“Aye, Varian.”
“A calm, quiet night, sir. It’s not like them to give us a respite like this.”
“Indeed, Varian. Always a calm before the storm. They must be planning something new. Keep all the men on alert. We must be ready for battle at any moment.”
“Will do, sir. I have also instructed the engineers to be escorted out to repair the field fortifications and redeploy new mines.”
“Yes sir?”
“Any word from Her?”

 Before the captain can answer, the fortress is plunged into momentary darkness as something blocks out the moon. The two turn to see a great red dragon descend from the cloudless skies, circling around above the fortress until it finally decides to land on one of the extended landing platforms atop the battlements.

“Looks like She has decided to come personally, sir.”
“I will go to receive Her. Go awaken the priestess at once.”


The priestess hurries down the corridor, stopping before the door just once to quickly fix her hair and gown before knocking. After a moment, she opens the door and enters the great hall, walking with a hastened pace towards the lady standing by the commander, dressed in majestic ruby-encrusted robes.

“My Queen-”
“Spare the formalities, Borealis. Is it true? Do we finally have them?”
“Yes, my Queen. It is true. We have found them. All nine of them.”
“Where are they now?”
“Dead, my Queen. For now. They were due for processing, but fortuitously the Earthmother recognised them at last. The Earthmother has decided to continue from where she left off when she lost track of their souls. They will be re-aligned to the correct configurations before being sent off to their next incarnations. It will take some time, so the Earthmother has permitted us to inspect the souls if we so wish.”
“Thank you, Borealis. I will inspect their souls personally. We must bring this news to the other four Guardians as well. Any idea when the nine of them will next be reborn?”
“According to the Earthmother’s predictions, my Queen, the first of the lot is slated for rebirth on the next 9th of March.”

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


omg I had the best dream ever in my life!!! I dreamt that one of my work colleagues - the one that got me to help out at the Singapore Airshow - got me to help her out again at this red carpet event. The event was held at some hotel. At the event I saw oniontaker. Apparently he's a Druid in Storm Crow form? (Too much WoW for me I guess) he passed me a temporary worker pass to enter the event grounds. He has a permanent worker pass. Come to think of it, it looks like the work passes at my internship company. I gave him a pair of shoes as a gift in case he had to work overnight outside of the employee quarters. He asked me to bring them to the quarters. So I walked down the hallway to the lift, but instead of going up to the employee quarters, I went downstairs because I SAW SNSD ON THE GIANT LCD SCREEN OUTSIDE SPEAKING TO THE CROWDS ON THE RED CARPET.

I stood around in the crowds outside, not sure what to do. Just then, someone tapped my shoulder and I looked behind it. HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT IS TIFFANY. OMGGGGGGG JDJLSAJFLAJFLKJSALKFJLKSJFLKS. I STARTED BREATHING SO HARD AND I SWEAR I BLUSHED IN MY SLEEP. She's wearing the Genie outfit from the 2011 SNSD Tour!!! She said something in Korean, and I was confused at first, so I said "water?" And she said "biscuit" So I turned around and saw some guys holding some trays. I grabbed some packs of biscuits and passed to her, and then she passed it to the other members. I remember seeing Hyoyeon and then Sooyoung walking past and I was passing water bottles to them. I was like sneaking glances at Tiffany all the time and OMG SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL OMG ADJLJSALKFDJALKJFLKAJFLKA then Taeyeon came and stood next to Tiffany watching and SHE'S SO CUTE WITH HER SHORT HAIR AND BLONDE TIPS KYAAAAAAAAAA but I just can't stop looking at Tiffany she's so close to me omgggggggggggggggg then Tiffany had like two small packets of pudding in her hands and then I like took them out of her hands and put them in Taeyeon's hands so that Tiffany doesn't have to hold them omg what have I become T-T Just then, someone passed a whole tray of stuff for Tiffany to hold. She held the tray, but then I immediately took it over from her. MY LEFT FINGERTIPS TOUCHED HERS.

After all the supplies are passed to the girls, I can't help but continue looking at Tiffany. She's just...where else can I look but at her? She wanted to leave, but then she noticed me looking at her and she asked me what's wrong. At that time, everyone else around me faded away and it was just her and me in the dream. I just looked up into the sky and mumbled something that didn't make sense - I couldn't make sense of myself by that time. Tiffany didn't understand what I said, so she asked me again, twice. In the end she realised why I'm like this and she smiled - SHE SMILED AT ME - and, in true Cheon Songyi style, said, "oh, I understand how you feel. I know, I know, we're just so awesomely gorgeous." SHE CONTINUED SMILING AT ME WITH THAT SMIRK. AND THEN SHE FLIRTED WITH ME. OMG. SHE SMILED AT ME. JGAJSADJGLKJLKJLKJSALKGSL


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

How to Stream Girls' Generation 4th Mini Album "Mr.Mr." on Melon

Hey guys, if you can't afford to buy SNSD's songs, you can at least listen to a 1 minute preview via Melon. It is rumoured that this will help count to the music charts (although you should still buy the album if you can from legit sources, that is the only guaranteed charting method). Read on for a guide on how to do this.

This guide is adapted from the f(x) guide for streaming RPPP, with an update on Melon's latest form formats.

1) Go to Melon's website. Click 회원가입 (See pink box) to register a Melon account.

2) Check this box to agree to all terms & conditions.

3) Click to proceed.

4) Fill in the form accordingly. You must click to verify that the email/ID etc are available, or the form won't submit successfully. WARNING: Some email domains (like hotmail) are not permitted. Gmail is safe.

5) Authenticate your email.

6) Wait to receive the email that your account is successfully created, then go to the Mr.Mr. album here.

7) Select all the songs, then click the button with the headphones to download the Melon Player.

8) Click the green button to download. Once downloaded and installed, you should be able to listen to the song previews. Enjoy!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Light You Up: allonsooyoung 1st Photobook

Choi Sooyoung has legs so slim and so long they seem to stretch out to infinity and beyond. She is the epitome of the ideal female body: Tall, slim, and with a metabolism so monstrously active she can eat more than most men and still have a body that is the envy of 99% of the species. Ordinarily, I would say she's a defect to our evolutionary pathways. Someone like her is too high maintenance and too inefficient in the survival of the fittest. But we're living in advanced civilisation now, and the fact that she is one of the Divine Nine gives her a free pass of sorts.

Anyway, I have a strange feeling that allonsooyoung had been careless. I'm not entirely sure all the fangoods promised are there, but I can't pick through this bit by bit. I don't do inventory checks at the minute level because I simply don't have the time. Plus, I don't care about free gifts (unless it's something I need, like a bookmark or a life-sized Taeyeon poster). The important stuff I'll account for it, but otherwise I don't give a damn.

This photobook has four sections. The first three are on her public and airport life. I highlighted pictures from these sections in the gallery linked below. The last section I've chosen to omit, for it covers her personal, private life. The private photos from this fourth section had been obtained and distributed with permission from Sooyoung's family, for I've heard that the fansite master for allonsooyoung (formerly it'S You) is a family friend of Sooyoung. Isn't that awesome? How many people can claim to be personally related to Soshi? Anyway, I think it is better not to allow those personal pictures to run rampant on the Internet, permitted as they are.