Monday, 23 December 2013

[13.12.22] Märchen Fantasy Song Covers Best Fancams

SNSD's Märchen Fantasy is exactly what the name suggests. It is everyone's deepest fantasies of SNSD made real, marching through the fandom slaying everyone that lays eyes on them, leaving nothing but one hot mess of hormones flooding in its wake. Holding off for a day, I trudged through the Internet and found the best available fancams for each of the special song covers and consolidated them for posterity.

Seriously Hyoyeon, I really don't think removing solos from concerts are a good idea at all.

My Grown Up Christmas List by Kid Taeng

Miss Korea by Queen Sica. First video for butt, second video for full frontal

Bloom by Sunny the Playboy Bunny

A Whole New World by Princess Tiffany

Ma Boy by YulTi

24 Hours by Sooyoung, She Who Stretches Into Infinity. Screen version followed by goddess-in-the-flesh version.

Kiss Me by Seohyun the Witch

Special mentions:

SNSD's debut-era greetings (0:45), Galaxy Supernova (5:08), Love & Girls (8:18)
Warning: The songs's recording is quite horrible to listen to. Be warned. I was quite irritated by it.

And of course, the most memorable event in Soshi history reconstructed by the Queen herself

Friday, 20 December 2013

Lady Galaxy: Shining Smile 3rd Photobook

I'm back! Well technically I never left. When I started this blog, I already expected that given my university schedule, any hiatus is to be expected. I also told myself not to attempt making daily or even weekly posts. It's a hopeless endeavour. So I just post whenever I feel like it. That has worked so far.

Now, Lady Galaxy. Shining Smile is the absolute BEST. The first fansite to reach its third photobook, Lady Galaxy gives us the best that Tiffany has to offer. Hot. Steamy. Sweaty. Hair. Porn.

Do I need to say anything more?